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    How Much Fire Protection Do I Need?

    You don’t want to think about the possibility of your home going up in flames. But home fires happen all the time. When trying to determine how much safe fire protection you need, you need to consider your risks for a fire:

    • Do you live in a fire-prone area where wildfires seem to occur on a frequent basis?
    • Do you live in a rural area where, if you’re away, it might take hours before a home fire is discovered?
    • Do you live in an older home that does not have the benefits of improved, flame-retardant building materials?
    • Is your home heated with a fireplace or wood-burning stove?

    Recent Spate of Wildfires

    With the rise of serious wildfires across the United States, gun safe owners and potential owners are now wondering how much safe fire protection they need. If you have advance warning that a fire is imminent, making sure your family, pets or livestock are transported to safety is critical. Trying to move your firearms could be the least of your concerns. Still, it’s always a good idea to remove your firearms, valuables and important documents from your home if threatened by fire.

    There is documented proof of Liberty safes surviving California’s Carr, Atlas fires and an Arkansas home garage fire. In the Carr fire, the owner of a Liberty Presidential Safe was shocked to see his safe was still intact, but even more surprised the contents inside had been protected from the fire, including treasured family heirlooms, family photobooks, and firearms.

    Presidential: The Ultimate Choice in Fire Protection

    If you need superior safe fire protection and security, research Liberty Safe’s top-of-the-line Presidential series of gun safes. This safe series features the best of Liberty’s trifecta of fire resistant features, including:

    1. Thick 7-gauge steel construction with 6"-thick door
    2. Expanding V-seal Palusol® door seal and half-inch locking bars on all 4 door sides
    3. 4 layers of fire-rated fireboard in walls, ceiling, door and doorjambs

    With these safe protective features, a Presidential safe can protect its contents for a minimum of 2.5 hours at 1200 degrees or 131,000 BTUs of red hot heat.

    But what if you don’t need the ultimate in fire protection? Liberty Safe has a wide variety of safes rated from 30 minutes of fire protection all the way up to the Presidential’s 2.5 hours of protection. You’ll stay within your budget and get the protection you want.