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    Safety Tips for Moving a Safe on Your Own

    Liberty Shoot (60)Full-sized gun safes are built to be bulky and heavy on purpose - this offers more security against would-be burglars and fire damage. But all this weight presents a challenge, especially if you’re not experienced with moving a safe. At Liberty Safe, our goal is to keep our customers safe, so we never recommend that you do this heavy job on your own. However, if we can't talk you out of it, we want to give you as many safety tips as possible to help protect you if you decide to move your safe by yourself. 

    Have Heavy-Duty Moving Equipment Available

    You will need to get your hands on moving equipment designed to handle the weight of your safe. For example, if you are moving a Fatboy Jr. gun safe, you will need a dolly that can hold at least 800 pounds. The dolly should also be sturdy enough to support the safe if you need to tip it back towards you without letting it fall on top of you or onto the floor. You may need to make arrangements beforehand to rent a heavy-duty dolly.

    Assemble a Crew

    Ask your friends, preferably strong ones, to help you with your safe. They can help load, unload, and keep your safe steady as you roll it along your path to its location.

    Check Load Ratings for Your Vehicle

    Considering that it could cost around $1,300 to replace a tailgate on a pickup truck, you’ll want to make sure yours can handle the weight of your safe. You should also make sure that your truck can handle the weight before risking damage to your suspension. It may be a better idea to use a trailer that's rated to handle the weight of your safe. 

    Plan a Path to Your Safe's Final Location

    You need to plan a path to your safe’s final location in your home. This is where knowing the dimensions of your safe comes in handy. An easy way to make sure you’ll be able to navigate your safe through hallways, turns, and doorways is to create a cardboard cutout based on its dimensions and do a test run.

    Make Sure the Safe Will Fit

    Before purchasing your gun safe, make sure you know its dimensions and weight. You will need this information to determine whether it will fit where you want it to. If it won't, you'll have to choose an alternate location, and that's much easier to do before you bring your safe home than after you've already lugged it all over the house.

    Secure Your Safe

    Once you've gotten your safe into its spot, you should secure it by bolting it to the floor. If you're able to get it into your home with the help of a friend or two, it's possible that a team of thieves could get it back out. Bolting it down can help deter thieves, plus there's no risk of your safe tipping over on one of your family members if it's bolted down. 

    For questions about purchasing or moving your safe, contact your local Liberty Safe dealer. They can provide you with recommendations on how to move a safe or information about safe movers in your area. And please keep in mind that a professional safe installer can also help you bolt your safe to the floor. Most offer this service for a nominal fee.