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    Delivery Options and Pricing

    Delivery Options

    Store Pick-up - You can pick-up your safe at our dealership at no cost.

    Curbside Drop Off - Limited to delivery of safe to curbside of residence or business within 25 miles of dealership ($2 per mile thereafter). Safe pallet and packaging are not removed during curbside delivery.

    In Home - Main Floor - Garage - Limited to typical first-floor access involving 0 to 3 outside stair steps. A flat level concrete or paved pathway is required. Customer is responsible for ensuring the pathway, deck, steps, staircase and foundation are adequate to support the weight of the safe, safe transporting equipment and installation crew. Certain stairways, marble floors, or other obstacles may involve additional charges. Pallet is removed from safe during main floor and stair carry deliveries.

    Upstairs/Downstairs - Includes 4-15 additional stair steps inside the home. Due to size and weight, stair carry is not available on 40 & 50 SIZE MODELS. In some cases, even the 25 and 35 size safes cannot be delivered due to landing space restrictions, stair case structure, and the spacing required for the safe and stair climbing equipment attached to the safe.

    PLEASE NOTE: DIFFICULT DELIVERIES due to outside terrain, types of stairways, second floor or multiple floor installations, marble/tile/wood floors, etc. may involve additional charges to complete the delivery. We reserve the right to decline installations and or delivery involving risk of personal injury or property damage. Property title of merchandise purchased will transfer to buyer at dealer's location. If you have any questions regarding delivery requests, please contact us.

    Delivery Pricing


    Delivery pricing is based off the weight of the safe.

    Pricing below is for deliveries within a 25 mile radius of our store. A $2 per mile charge will be added beyond 25 miles. If you live beyond 60 miles you will need to call us for a quote at (503) 351-0627.

    We also offer a bolt down service for an additional $75.

    Curbside - See Delivery Options tab above for details on this service.

        Safe Weight

              100lbs - 699lbs - $175

              700lbs - 894lbs - $225

              895lbs - 999lbs - $275

              1,000lbs + - $325


    Main Floor - Garage - See Delivery Options tab above for details on this service.

        Safe Weight

              100lbs - 699lbs - $275

              700lbs - 894lbs - $325

              895lbs - 999lbs - $375

              1,000lbs + - $500


    Upstairs/Downstairs - See Delivery Options tab above for details on this service.

        Safe Weight

              100lbs - 699lbs - $350

              700lbs - 894lbs - $400

              895lbs - 999lbs - $500

              1,000lbs + - Not Available

    Our Services

    Professional safe movers have the experience and equipment needed to deliver your safe and install it in your home or business. There are several benefits to having Liberty Safes of Oregon deliver your new safe. These include:

    • Always take precautions to avoid damaging your home, property, and furnishings.
    • Are insured in the unlikely event that your safe or property experience any damage during the move.
    • Can get your safe into your home without injuring themselves, you or your family members.
    • Can identify potential issues that could complicate getting your safe into your building, such as narrow entryways and hallways, tight turns, or stairs that might not be able to support the weight of a safe.
    • Have the specialized equipment needed to get the job done, including an Ultralift motorized hand truck, padded blankets, and felt pads to protect the safe and your floors.

    Scheduling a safe move or delivery


    We will assist you in scheduling your safe delivery or relocating an existing safe. To receive an accurate price quote, you will need to provide as much information as you can about where the safe will go. This includes:

    • How many steps/stairs are involved and whether the safe needs to be moved up or down to travel over them
    • Photos or video that show your property’s approach, doors and paths movers will need to take through your home/business, and the room where the safe is going
    • The floor where the safe will be installed (basement, main floor, or second/third floor)
    • The types of flooring the safe will be traveling over (tile, carpet, marble, etc...)
    • Will the safe be bolted down (additional $75 charge- highly recommended for additional security)

    The more information we gather up front diminishes the risk of additional charges when we arrive at your home.

    Determining the best location for your safe


    When choosing a location, you should base your decision on making it more difficult for a burglar to easily access your safe or remove it (using tools like pry bars or cutting torches to gain entry).

    Choosing a location for your safe is something you probably had in mind while you were shopping for your safe. But now you need to make a final decision that will help the movers plan the delivery. Here are some frequently asked questions purchasers ask about where to put their new safe.

    Should I hide my new safe?

    Most of our customers want to proudly display their beautiful new customized Liberty Safe. Who could blame them? But others like to keep their safe in an area where visitors, like workmen, housekeepers, or babysitters aren't likely to see it. If you'd rather go that route, consider putting your safe in a bedroom, office or den with a door you can close or even lock to prevent snooping when you aren't home. Putting your safe in your workshop or garage is another option, but you'll need to have it bolted down to the concrete to make it more difficult to cart away.

    Even though my safe is strong, should I do more to protect it?

    Yes, your new Liberty Safe is strong, but there are definitely some strategies that have been shown to deter thieves who may attempt a break in.

    • Bolting your safe to the floor prevents it from being easily moved. It also prevents it from tipping over.
    • When positioning your safe in a room, put the safe’s opening side against a wall. This prevents crooks from getting the leverage they need to pry open the door.
    • If it's an option, building a special spot for your safe into your wall and enclosing it on three sides can create an extra barrier of protection. This makes it difficult for burglars equipped with a cutting tool or blowtorch to cut through the top or sides.

    Can I install my safe upstairs?

    Getting your safe into a room on the upper level of your home can be a challenge if you're doing it on your own. But a professional mover knows how to move a safe upstairs. Putting your safe upstairs makes it more difficult for a team of thieves to remove it from your home and open it up elsewhere. Burglars tend to do a quick “smash and grab” robbery and will not waste a lot of time trying to break into a safe. Without the right moving equipment or tools, a thief cannot open your safe quickly onsite or get it down your stairs to open offsite.

    What to expect when your safe is delivered


    An On-Time Delivery

    We know your time is valuable. We work very hard to make sure our deliveries are made on time. It's rare for a delivery to be late, but when an unavoidable delay does happen, you'll receive updates to prevent any additional inconvenience. We'll make sure to work out a new delivery time that fits your schedule.

    A Low-Profile Delivery

    Your safe will be delivered in a truck that does not advertise the fact that you now have a safe in your home. This prevents would-be thieves or nosy neighbors from knowing your business. The truck will feature only markings that are required by law to operate it.

    A Professional and Experienced Crew

    The crew delivering your new safe is fully experienced in knowing how to move a safe and will do their best to deliver and install your safe to your chosen location. They will arrive with all the equipment needed to bring your safe into your home without causing damage to your floors and walls. The crew will treat your home and property as if it were their own. Once the job is done, the crew will clean up all packing materials and any debris from the installation.

    Bolting Down Your Safe

    We always recommend that you bolt down your safe for security and safety reasons. We offer this service for a $75 fee. Let us know if you want your safe bolted down when you discuss delivery. The only time this cannot be done is if you have a post-tension foundation. If you have this type of foundation, it's too risky to drill into the concrete because of the risk of hitting a cable. This could cause serious injury or even death, in addition to a very expensive repair bill.

    Instructions on How to Operate Your Safe

    Once your safe is installed, our crew won't just hand you an owner's manual and leave you on your own. The delivery crew will make sure you know how to work the combination lock or how to change the numbers on your safe’s electronic lock. They will go over any important operational instructions you might need to start using your safe right away.

    Should I move a safe on my own


    We do not recommend moving your safe on your own, even if it is already in your home or business. This can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have experience. We always recommend that you have a professional mover install your safe.

    Before deciding to move and install your new Liberty gun safe on your own, consider the following dangers:

    • Damage to your safe or home –Trying to move your safe through your home/business and up or down stairs without experience or specialized equipment could damage your safe or property.
    • Damage to your truck –Most truck tailgates are not designed to hold a lot of weight. A safe can damage your tailgate, which would cost more to replace than hiring a professional mover.
    • Risk of injuries that could be serious or fatal –With many safes weighing 500 pounds or more, you could suffer crushing injuries or hurt yourself enough to need medical treatment and time off work.

    Safe Availability - How soon can I get my safe?

    In stock


    We stock over 200 safes. There is a good chance we have a safe that will meet your needs.

    You can pick up the safe at the store or take advantage of our delivery service. In most cases, we will deliver the same or next day. We will work around your schedule as much as possible. We are closed Sunday and Monday.

    Special orders


    If, by chance, we do not have a safe in stock that meets your needs, we do special order safes.

    We typically receive truckloads of safes every 2 to 3 weeks. If the manufacturer has the safe in stock we can add it to our next truck.

    If the manufacturer does not have it in stock then it usually takes 3-4 weeks to manufacture the safe and get it shipped to us.

    Understanding Fire Ratings

    Watch video to better understand how fire ratings work

    Why choose a liberty safe to protect against fire

    One of the top reasons people choose to purchase Liberty gun safes is for the fire protection they offer. Liberty gun safes are designed to provide their owners with the utmost security and fire resistance. Depending on the model you choose, you get anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours of fire resistance for your firearms and valuables. If you are shopping for a safe, here some things we think you should know about safe fire protection.

    Everything you ever wanted to know about Liberty Safe fire ratings

    Understanding Security Levels

    To make it easier for our customers to understand the security features that are included with our safes, Liberty has a Safe Security Level designation for each safe we manufacture. This 8-level system allows our customers to easily compare the different safes we sell according to the security features that come standard with each security level.

    It can help you better understand the differences in pricing; you can expect to see higher prices for our safes that are classified with a higher safe security level.

    Everything you ever wanted to know about Liberty Safe security levels

    Mechanical Locks vs Electronic Locks - What do we recommend

    Pro's and Con's of Mechanical safe locks and Electronic safe locks


    A question that many potential safe buyers ask is what type of lock to choose. After all, what is the purpose of buying a safe if you are not getting a lock that will keep it secure? You will find that safe locks come in two varieties: mechanical safe locks and electronic safe locks. But which type will best suit your needs? Take a few minutes to learn more about each type of lock and review the pros and cons of each.

    Mechanical Locks – the Original Safe Lock

    When most people think of a safe, the image of a mechanical dial lock often comes to mind. You know, the type of lock you see on bank safes in old movies. To open a safe with a mechanical lock, you dial to the right to the first number, then dial to the left for the next, and then dial to the right for the last number. Let’s consider a mechanical lock’s pros and cons.

    Pros of Mechanical Locks

    • Mechanical safe locks have been standard since the 1800s.
    • There are no electronic parts that require batteries.
    • Mechanical locks usually have a long lifespan.

    Cons of Mechanical Locks

    • Nothing much has changed with the technology of mechanical locks.
    • As a Group Two lock, a professional thief could crack the combination in 15 minutes or less.
    • The process of opening a mechanical lock is slow, and one mistake means you must start over. This wastes precious seconds in an emergency when you need to get to your gun fast.
    • Maintenance will be required on a mechanical lock if its tumblers become misaligned.
    • The lock code is preset by the factory, which makes it harder to remember.
    • If the lock code needs to be changed, you need to hire a locksmith to do it.

    Electronic Locks – the New Lock on the Block

    Today, it seems that everything is going digital, including our home’s door locks, which eliminates the need to carry a door key. The purpose of going digital with everyday items is to make your life easier.

    Pros of Digital Locks

    • As a Group 1 lock, digital safe locks have high manipulation resistance because they have 999,999 possible lock combinations.
    • It could take up to 27 years for a thief to manipulate a digital safe lock.
    • You can choose your own pass code and change it whenever you want.
    • Fast, easy access in the dark of night whether you are wearing glasses or not.
    • Removing the keypad does not affect the safe’s security.
    • Blocks unauthorized users after several failed attempts.
    • Lock memory remembers pass code during battery changes.
    • You can service your lock.

    Cons of Digital Locks

    • You need to change batteries every six to 12 months.
    • If the batteries die, you could be temporarily locked out of your safe.

    Mechanical Locks

    Mechanical locks are the flagship locks of the safe industry: One turn right, one turn left and then one last turn right to the final number. This type of lock will give you the old-timey feel of opening a safe. All large capacity Liberty Safes come standard with the industry’s top-rated Sargent & Greenleaf® UL-listed mechanical locks for added security

    Here’s what you should know about the superior locks we use on our gun safes:

    Features of Liberty’s UL-Listed Mechanical Locks

    Liberty uses two types of S&G mechanical locks on our safes:

    1. S&G’s 6741 lock that features a ±25 number dialing tolerance, diecast Zamak lever and wheel centers. This lock is used in all Franklin models.
    2. S&G’s upgraded 6730 lock also features a ±1.25 number dialing tolerance but has dual locking wheels that make it harder for numbers to slip when spinning the dial too fast and brass wheel centers for extra durability.

    Both locks feature a dual functioning heat and drill resistant relocker inside. A key-locking dial is standard. Each comes with a preset, unique 3-number combination code that is printed in the lock’s use and care manual. Because both locks feature S&G’s Magic Module footprint, you never have to worry about making modifications to your safe if you decide to switch to one of their electronic locks in the future.

    Benefits of Liberty’s UL-Listed Mechanical Locks

    If you’re wondering why you should choose a Liberty gun safe equipped with a UL-listed mechanical lock, consider the following benefits:

    • You get that great feel of a combination dial.
    • You never have to replace batteries with a mechanical lock.
    • The relocker inside S&G’s mechanical locks will fire and lock up the last tumbler if anyone attempts to drill or torch the lock.
    • The key-locking dial provides a day lock feature which gives added security by preventing the dial from turning. Just remember, using the keylock by itself will not provide you with total security. For the maximum in security, always spin the lock’s dial before using the keylock.
    • The locks feature an “87” key-lock feature that allows the lock to be locked in an open position by dialing “87.” This allows you to open and close the door without spinning the dial or locking it when you will be entering repeatedly.

    Electronic Locks

    When purchasing a Liberty gun safe, you have the option of upgrading the standard UL-listed mechanical lock to a SecuRam® UL-listed electronic lock. While our mechanical locks provide excellent security, you might prefer choosing a more modern lock. And that’s ok because our electronic locks also provide excellent security.

    Here’s what you should know about the electronic locks that are used with Liberty gun safes.

    Features of Liberty’s UL-Listed Electronic Locks

    SecuRam has always been a leading innovator in the industry. They are always working to improve lock technology. Liberty offers three different models of SecuRam UL-listed electronic locks, which are known throughout the industry for their proven reliability.

    1. SecuRam’s TopLit is available for installation on Liberty’s Centurion, USA and 1776 gun safes. This lock comes in a shiny chrome finish.
    2. SecuRam’s BackLit is available for Liberty’s Colonial, Fatboy Jr., Home and Premium safes. This lock is available in three finishes: chrome, black chrome and brass.
    3. SecuRam’s ProLogic is available for Liberty’s Franklin and higher models. This lock is also available in three finishes: chrome, black chrome and brass.

    All three models of SecuRam electronic locks are battery operated. It is recommended that you only use Duracell or Duracell ProCell 9-volt batteries in these locks.

    Each lock comes with a preset code of “1-2-3-4-5-6” from the factory. You should change it to your own unique code when your safe is installed.

    Benefits of Choosing a Liberty UL-Listed Electronic Lock

    There are numerous benefits of choosing an UL-listed SecuRam electronic lock for your Liberty gun safe, including:

    • The lock’s light makes it easy to see the keypad in the dark without having to wear glasses to allow quick and easy access.
    • This electronic lock is a Group 1 lock, which means there are almost one million possible lock combinations you could create.
    • It could take a thief up to 27 years to crack the lock’s combination.
    • You could change your combination whenever you want without having to have a locksmith do it for you.
    • You can change the batteries in the lock from the front of your safe without having to open your safe.
    • The lock remembers your combination while you change its battery or the battery dies.
    • Unauthorized users are blocked from entering additional combinations after several failed tries.
    • If a thief removes the keypad from your gun safe or smashes it in place, he still will not be able to get into it.

    Whether you choose an electronic lock or a mechanical lock, you cannot go wrong. You still will be getting one of the most secure safe locks available in the industry.

    Securam Backlit Electronic Lock
    Securam ProLogic  Electronic Lock
    Securam ScanLogic Biometric/ Electronic Lock

    Do you offer EMP resistant Locks

    According to U.S. News & World Report, the threat of an EMP attack is real in the United States. News about North Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs are a constant reminder that this should not be ignored. But it is not just the threat of nuclear attack that we should worry about, there are other instances that could cause EMP problems, too. If a catastrophic EMP event were to happen, our countries infrastructure is poorly prepared for the resulting devastation and chaos. But there is something that you could do to protect yourself and your family in the event of an EMP attack: an EMP resistant safe lock.

    What Is EMP?

    EMP stands for electromagnetic pulses which are short bursts of electromagnetic energy. They can damage or interfere with electrical or electronic equipment. When this happens, the equipment’s functionality may be disabled temporarily or completely. While the biggest threat we hear about in the news about EMP is from nuclear attack, EMP could also occur:

    • Naturally from a massive solar flare
    • From a cyberattack
    • From intentional electromagnetic interference weapons

    These EMP causes could expose or exploit vulnerabilities in our country’s power grid and shut down the electric grid.

    What If an Attack Occurs?

    Whether from a natural cause or a full-blown attack from a foreign aggressor, the results of an EMP attack would be devastating. Panic would likely result, and when people are scared, they do things that they normally would not do. And you, of course, would want to make sure that your family is safe.

    Upgrade to an EMP Resistant Safe Lock

    If you're like many people, you have chosen to purchase a safe to keep your guns and valuables secure in your home. But in the event of a national emergency, like an EMP attack, if you have an electronic lock on your safe, you might not be able to open it. This would definitely be a time where you might need to access cash that you have stashed away for an emergency because ATMs are likely to be rendered useless. Plus, you'll want to be able to access your guns to protect your family and home if needed. So, what can you do?

    If the threat of an EMP attack has you worrying about how you'll be able to get into your safe, Liberty Safe has the answer for you. We offer SecuRam Xtreme safe locks as upgrades to our safes. These locks are highly advanced electromechanical locks specifically designed to resist EMP.

    We're also proud to announce that our SecuRam TopLit, SecuRam BackLit, and SecuRam ProLogic safe locks were recently tested and certified as EMP resistant by Dayton T. Brown Laboratories, the largest independent A2LA accredited testing lab in the United States. This is the same lab that tests equipment for the military.

    You can rest assured that if an EMP catastrophe strikes, you will be able to get into your safe.

    How many guns will my safe really hold

    We are asked all the time "How many guns can I put in this safe?"

    All safe manufacturers list a gun count on the different sizes and models of their safes. There are safe interiors that claim anywhere from 2 to over 50 gun capacity. When you get your safe home and start putting the guns in your safe, you quickly find out that there is no way you can fit that many guns in your safe.

    Well to be fair, there are a lot of different types of guns. In fact, I tried to google how many different types of guns exist and there is no answer. There are so many different categories of guns that it would seem impossible to actually count how many are out there.

    There is no way for a safe manufacturer to know what type of guns you own personally.

    Gun safe manufacturers design their interiors with notches or cutouts to rest you barrels against. These notches only have about 2" of space between them.

    As a rule of thumb you should plan on only getting 50% to 75% of the capacity claimed.

    Why are the new Liberty Flat bars better than standard pins

    Demonstrating the strength of Liberty Safe's New flat bar technology

    The newest evolution in safe security technology

    Liberty Safe Warranty

    Liberty Safe warranty: what to expect

    When you buy a Liberty gun safe, you are also getting peace of mind by having the best warranty in the industry. We know the purchase of a safe is often a once-in-a-lifetime investment. Therefore, in the unlikely event your safe has defects in materials or workmanship, we believe you should be reasonably covered for it. Here’s what you should know about your Liberty gun safe and its warranty.

    First Things First…Activating Your Warranty

    As soon as you receive it, you need to register your gun safe to prevent any problems with future warranty issues. You must register your safe within 30 days of purchase or you risk voiding your warranty. Liberty makes it easy to register your safe online to activate your warranty right away. We will then email you a copy of your warranty registration certificate for reference if you ever need to make a warranty claim.

    What Does ‘Lifetime’ Mean to Liberty?

    When Liberty says your gun safe is covered for a lifetime, they mean it. Unlike some manufacturers that use fast-talk and fine print, Liberty’s lifetime warranty is clear-cut and easy to understand. If your safe experiences any defects in materials or workmanship, Liberty will repair or replace your safe at no cost to you as long as you reside in the United States or Canada for as long as you live.

    Transferring Ownership of Your Safe

    What if you decide to sell your safe? What happens to your lifetime warranty? You can simply transfer it to the new owner. You also need to make it official with a bill of sale and by filing a transfer of ownership form with Liberty.

    Fire and Break-In Protection for a Lifetime

    Your Liberty gun safe is also covered in the unlikely event it is damaged in a fire, break-in or break-in attempt if your homeowner’s insurance does not cover the damage. It’s our way of making sure our customers are well taken care of and happy with their safes.

    Five-Year Lock Warranty and Painted Surface Warranty

    Unlike other safe companies that offer just a one-year warranty on their safe locks, Liberty offers a full five years of protection for parts and labor to fix any defects in materials or workmanship. We also offer a five-year warranty on the exterior paint surfaces of your safe.

    One-Year Electrical Items Warranty

    Any electrical items in your gun safe, including light fixtures, switches, cords and transformers are covered for one year from the date of purchase for any defects in materials or workmanship.


    Use and Care manual


    Liberty Safe goes the extra mile to make sure our customers and their safes are protected for a lifetime of use

    Spotlight on liberty safe warranty

    When you buy a UL-rated safe from Liberty Safe, the story doesn’t end once your safe has been delivered and set up in your home. Instead, it is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship. You can always count on us if something goes wrong with your Liberty safe. We are known for having the best warranty in the industry.

    What Does the Liberty Safe Warranty Cover?

    Safes sold by Liberty Safe are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser. If you find your safe has a defect in materials or workmanship, Liberty will repair or replace your safe at no cost.

    This lifetime warranty does not cover your safe’s lock or painted finish. Your safe’s lock and painted finish is guaranteed to be free from materials and workmanship defects for five years from the date you purchased your safe. If there is a problem with either, Liberty will cover the parts and labor to repair your safe.

    You are covered for one year from the date of purchase for any electrical accessories that come with your safe. This includes lights, light switches, cords, transformers, dehumidifiers and any other electrical items. Even the shelving within your safe, such as side shelves, rails, center divider or gun racks are covered for two years from your original purchase date.

    Liberty Safe Always Has Your Back!

    Liberty safes are built to be tough and withstand burglary attempts as well as keep your firearms and valuables safe from fire. However, if in the process of a break-in attempt or fire, Liberty’s warranty has your back. Our warranty will cover the cost to repair or replace your safe if your homeowner’s policy does not, including:

    • Door
    • Handle
    • Locking bars
    • Locking mechanism

    Your safe’s lock and paint finish are not covered in the event of a burglary or fire. You will need to fill out Liberty’s Fire or Burglary Safe Replacement/Repair Claim.

    Liberty Safe Owner Responsibility

    While Liberty is committed to backing up our safes with our limited lifetime warranty, this warranty will not apply if your safe has not been properly installed and cared for as directed in your owner’s manual. Your warranty will not apply if your safe and been neglected, misused or exposed to extreme/unusual conditions or unreasonable wear and tear. Liberty will void this warranty if your safe is changed or modified in any way affecting its intended use.

    It is important to register your safe online within 30 days of your purchase. This is a simple process that will keep your safe protected by our warranty. Failing to register your safe will void your warranty.

    If you decide to sell your Liberty safe, your lifetime warranty can be transferred to the new owner. However, once the warranties for your safe’s lock, finish, interior shelving or accessories expire, they will not be reissued to the new owner.